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 RECKMANN GMBH (Đưc): Chuyên giá về cảm biến nhiệt đô, đầu dò nhiệt độ, bộ điều khiển nhiệt độ, thiết bị đo lương kiểm soát nhiệt độ, cặp nhiệt điện, cáp và dây cáp để đo nhiệt độ

Một số sản phẩm: 

1. with thermocouples or sheathed thermocouple inserts

Thermocouples and limit deviations according to DIN EN 60584-1 and 2
to nominal length 2000 mm (standard)
as Angle thermocouples
Special designs according to customer requirements

2. Pt 100 resistance thermometers (WT)
in versions 1 x or 2 x Pt 100, for temperature ranges from -200 to 850 ° C
in classes B, A or 1 / 3DIN B according to DIN EN 60751,
2, 3 or 4-wire circuit
possible with standard housing according to DIN 43772, special materials, different coatings and tapered thermowells.
Special designs according to customer requirements.

3. For commonly used thermal pairings are:

NiCr - Ni type K

FeCu - Ni type L or J

NiCrSi - NiSi Type N

NiCr - CuNi type E

Cu - CuNi Type U or T

PtRh - PT Type S, R and B

4. Sheathed Thermocouples (MTE)

in the following versions: as a measuring insert, with Lemo coupling or Lemo connector
With standard or mini compensation connector (or coupling) with cables
or free ends, in diameters from 0.25 to 8.0 mm. (Customer's choice) 
5. EX - Sensors

With approval for the equipment group I, category M2 and equipment group II, Category 1 / 2G, 1 / 2D
Intrinsic Safety "i", category ia
Protection marking Ex ia I or Ex ia IIC T4 / T6
available as screw-in or as Flanscharmatur. Sensor length up to 8000 mm
with Pt100 or MTE Feeler
after examination certificate DMT 03 ATEX E061 X
Special model as a multi-step element with installation length up to 20m 
by type approval certificate BVS 04 ATEX E156 X

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