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All new Ultrasonic Sensor Catalogue from SNT Sensortechnik AG
Lowest cost Swiss Made ultrasonic sensor now with synchronization
Aktuelle Technik September 2016: Higher customer benefits at lower cost
New Distribution Partner for Switzerland
Successful ultrasonic sensors resistant to chemicals thanks to Kalrez® seals
High performance ultrasonic through beam sensor for 2.5m (200Hz)
Low-cost, high-quality Swiss made ultrasonic sensors UPR-B
UPR-A ultrasonic sensor now available in stainless steel housing
To each their own ultrasonic sensor
FocusBEAM miniature ultrasonic sensor with smallest 5mm tip
Les capteurs à ultrasons aiment la transparence
New ultrasonic sensors for ATEX zones 2 and 22
Multichannel ultrasonic distance alarm system
Ultrasonic Sensors Like Transparency
New ultrasonic fork sensor for label detection
Prevent flooding with ultrasonic sensors
Level measurement with FocusBEAM ultrasonic sensor
New ultrasonic sensor in public toilets
Ultrasonic sensors with Teach-In
Ultrasonic sensors are our passion.
New universal talent thanks to digital filtering
UPK ultrasonic sensors are the most compact for long distances
All new ultrasonic brochure
Programmable ultrasonic sensors
New ultrasonic fork sensor with binary output
Change of scene
Aktuelle Technik Switzerland (July 2012)
Ultrasonic sensors for monitoring barriers
Oilresistant ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic sensors in the food industry
Ultrasound in the animal world
Measuring roll diamterer with ultrasonic sensor
Ultrasonic sensors in road and tunnel construction
65'000h endurance test with ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic sensors detect pallets
Ultrasonic sensors assist in packing of fresh flowers
Ultrasonic sensors for wood chip level control
UPF ultrasonic sensors for quality testing of fleece
Customized ultrasonic level sensors with 3 binary outputs
UPK ultrasonic sensors used in vegetable cleaning process
UPF ultrasonic fork sensors used in production of photovoltaic foils
Aktuelle Technik Switzerland (July 2010)
Ultrasonic fork sensors with binary output
New family of teachable ultrasonic fork sensors for web guide and edge control
before 2010
Improved and unified UPR series
Oil resistant thanks to Viton® sealing
Hoch hinaus mit Ultraschall (Aktuelle Technik 9/2009, Switzerland)
Level measurement in cavities with only 4mm diameter
Novel edge control with ultrasonic fork sensor
FOCUS Beam: Level measurement in cavities with only 4mm diameter
Compact ultrasonic fork sensor in all new "advanced" version
Innovatives Verfahren für Ultraschallsensoren
Tailored ultrasonic sensors
Aktuelle Technik Switzerland (Nov. 2007)
Special ultrasonic sensors for narrow and aggressive environment
Ultrasonic fork sensor for web guide and edge control
Ultrasonic miniature proximity and distance sensor
Rugged optical proximity switch for glass fibre wave guides
Aktuelle Technik Switzerland (March 2006)
Non-contact ultrasonic switch for door automation
Precise fork light barrier with fully automatic teach-in
Sensormagazin Germany (Sept. 2005)
Polyscope Switzerland (June 2005)
Aktuelle Technik Switzerland (May 2005)
Ultrasonic fork barrier for edge detection
Fast and precise fork light barriers
Elektronik Journal Switzerland (Jan. 2005)
Precision Switzerland (Nov. 2004)
Technische Rundschau Switzerland (Aug. 2004)   
Aktuelle Technik Switzerland (May 2004)
Small ultrasonic distance sensor up to 1.5m
Low cost ultrasonic proximity sensor without blind range
Powerful and fast ultrasonic barrier
Compact UPK ultrasonic sensors for distances over 6m
Aktuelle Technik Switzerland (July 2003)
Ultrasonic sensors resistant against chemicals
Aktuelle Technik Switzerland  (Nov 2002)
Aktuelle Technik Switzerland (July 2002)
Technische Rundschau Switzerland (No. 16/2002)
Maschinenmarkt Germany (No.37/2002)
Ultrasonic sensors - detect and monitor at reasonable cost
Ultrasonic sensor - small though powerful
Ultrasonic sensor - new for short distances and with lateral hysteresis

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