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Eaton Fluid Power Group operates under brand names including: Char-Lynn, Dynapower, Eaton, Hydro-Line, Hydrokraft, Sumitomo, Vickers and Weatherhead. Hydraulic products within the range manufactured by Eaton Vickers include: hydraulic adapters, hydraulic brake valves, customer-designed valve block assemblies, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic directional valves, hydraulic disc valve motors, hydraulic filters, hydraulic fittings, hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic motors, hydrostatic power steering, hydraulic products and hydraulic systems, light-duty hydraulic transmissions, hydraulic piston pumps and hydraulic motors, hydraulic power packs and hydraulic power units, proportional valves, screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves, transaxles, hydraulic vane pumps and hydraulic vane motors.

A comprehensive design series enables you to pick the best Eaton Vickers hydraulic pump or Eaton Vickers hydraulic motor for the job and includes single, double and combination hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, with models such as:

V10, V20, V2010, V2020, V, VQ, VM and VMQ, Eaton Vickers hydraulic vane pumps and Eaton Vickers hydraulic motors

PVB, PVH, PVE, PVQ, PFB and MFB open-loop circuit Eaton Vickers hydraulic piston pumps and Eaton Vickers hydraulic motors


Vickers PVH Series Hydraulic Pumps               Vickers PVM Series Hydraulic Pumps

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