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Sensorex solution automation: pH Sensors, ORP Sensors, Conductivity Sensors, DO Sensors, Sanitizer Sensors, Sensor Customization, Transmitters, UVT Sensors.
HTP Tech Distributor Sensorex in Viet Nam. model:

 TX2000 (pH/ORP Xmtr, 4-20mA, Relays, VAC,1/4 DIN). Sensorex S450CDHF S8000CD-ORP
S8000CD-ORP (ORP Sensor, Flat, Cartridge, PPS, HT). Sensorex S350CDHF  S650CD-ORP
 EA891 (S8000, TNC to 8 Pin Din Adapter).  Sensorex S353CDHF S651CD-ORP
S853/20/TL (S8000 Cable, Coax, 20ft (6 M), Tinned Leads) Sensorex S354CDHF  s655CD-ORP
UVT-LED--H Handheld, Off-Line Transmittance Monitor w. battery Sensorex S200CD-LC S656CD-ORP
UVT0001 Carrying Case Sensorex S200CD S655KD-ORP
UVT-LED-PW Process Transmittance Monitor (with wiper/auto cal.) Sensorex S222C S222CD S660CD-ORP
UVT0009 Installation Kit, Stainless Steel Pipe Sensorex S273CDTC S661CD-ORP
UVT0008 Installation Kit, Mild Steel Pipe (2" NPT) Sensorex S273CDTC S662CD-ORP
UVT0021 Installation Kit, PVC Pipe (2" NPT) Sensorex S272CDTC DA650CD-ORP
UVT0007 Installation Kit, Open Channel Sensorex S272CD DA660CD-ORP
UVT0015 Installation Kit, Sanitary Flow Cell (3”) Sensorex S271CD DA661CD-ORP
Sensorex TX3000 pH/ORP Transmitter (Display, Isolated) Sensorex S269CD DA662CD-ORP
Sensorex TX2000 pH/ORP Transmitter (Display, Isolated) Sensorex S268CD CS615- k=0.1, 1 
Sensorex TX2000RS pH/ORP Transmitter (Display, Isolated) Sensorex S267CD  CS620 -k=0.1, 1 
Sensorex TX100 pH/ORP Transmitter (2-Wire, Display, Isolated) Sensorex S267C  CS620- k=0.01
Sensorex PHMA pH Transmitter (2-Wire, Blind, Non-Isolated)  S151C-ORP CS675TC, 
New CS8000TC Conductivity Sensor S500C-ORP CS675HTTC
The DO500 4-20mA loop-powered transmitters allow a galvanic DO sensor  S500CD-ORP  CS650TC
DOMA-10 and DOMA-20, are very basic 4-20mA loop-powered transmitters  S550C-ORP CS676HPTC
A separate 12-36V DC power supply (user supplied) is required to
power each DO500.
S550CD-ORP CS150
DO1200/H sensor's millivolt signal to a 4-20mA signal. S555C-ORP CS150TC
Our DO1200 and DO1200TC are designed for use with galvanic dissolved  S555CD-ORP  CS200
The DO6441T is also perfect for aquaculture applications and which now  S500C-ORP-AU CS200TC
DO7400 series probes are best suited for applications in which DO level is  S550C-ORP-AU  
(DO7441 - 0-100% sat and DO7442 - 0-200% sat).    

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