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With roots back to 1919, Danotherm Electric A/S is known worldwide for it's qualified design and production of high quality power resistors for the electronic-, the windpower- and the telecommunication industry. With distributors all over the world, Danotherm Electric A/S is ready to provide support and fulfill your demands for power resistors where ever you are.

Danotherm Electric A/S has its main factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore a factory in Stargard, Poland and a factory in Milan, Italy.

Danotherm Electric A/S is a member of the Swedish NIBE Industrial Group providing access to all necessary production-, know-how- and sourcing facilities. Therefore Danotherm Electric A/S is able to solve all problems related to power resistors and helping our customers the optimum way.

The product range covers a wide field, from flat-, round- and wire wound resistors over aluminium housed compact brake resistors and Steel Grid Brake Resistors to huge modules constructed of water cooled break resistors. For further information please see all our resistor types here: Products.

Product applications
Danotherm Power Resistors are used in connection with power electronic equipment.
Some examples are: snuppers, voltage dividers, de-charge resistors and start- or charging resistors.
An important application is brake resistors in connection with frequency converters for motor control. We can supply brake resistors as components for build-in or stand alone units.
Another application is heating elements, if high power solutions are requested or if brake energy can be re-used as heating energy.

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