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Combustion chambers/hot gas generators CONOX UCC CCS-LT DDZG GTA
Marine boilers LONOX UCC FMB DDZGA
Marine burners Tx EMB / EME GDG
Burner control systems TEMINOX GLS FMW SSB-LCG / LCL
Modernization modules SEE SKVJG DDZ-M SSB-D
Exhaust Gas Cleaning SKVG SKV-A NOX UCC
Combustion air supply DDZG EME TEMINOX

We have been involved in firing technology for more than 80 years and are today one of the world leaders in this field. As specialists we plan, develop and produce burners and system solutions for industrial thermal processes. Our products and services are represented in industry just as on ships and offshore installations.

With our divisions Marine Systems, Industrial Firing Technology/Thermal Process Plants and Service, we cover the full bandwidth of burners and firing plants. We offer everything from standardized solutions for electricity, steam and heat generation through drying systems right up to special plants for the disposal of residues with simultaneous energetic utilization.

Our technical know-how is documented here in particular by our gas combustion units (GCU) and rotary cup burners (SKV Series) for the firing of special fuels. Here we are worldwide technology leaders and working constantly to further extend this position.

We live out our responsibility
But it is not only our products and systems that our international customers have come to appreciate. It is the in-depth and extensive special know-how of our engineers that drives our success, because only with this know-how we are able to offer firing, plant and control technology from a single source, and thereby to keep an eye on the whole installation without losing sight of the details.

This know-how, paired with our many years of experience, enables us to make efficient use of even heavy or LCV, gaseous, liquid or solid special fuels. Here we have developed our own very special know-how and can offer solutions which are unique worldwide.

On the other hand we use our know-how and experience to ensure that conventional fuels are also fired as efficiently as possible and that the CO2 emissions are reduced.

The focus of our work, however, is on the use of alternatives to the conventional fossil fuels. Residues, wastes and even biomass residues represent a thermal potential neglected to date which we are committed to utilizing.

In everything we do, we are always aware of our environmental and social responsibility. We aim to contribute to ensuring that the steadily growing energy demand of the global population can be met with ever more energy-efficient solutions. And that applies not only to the new plants installed by us, but also to plant modernizations.

The modernization of plants worldwide offers a very great potential for reducing CO2 emissions. For this we offer efficiency analyses as the basis for adapting existing plants to the highest environmental standards and for utilizing neglected energy potentials.

As a company aware of its responsibilities, we will continue in future to offer our customers optimum energy-efficient system solutions tailored exactly to their needs. With a technology that is just as eco-friendly as it is economical.

We are there for you
SAACKE is a medium-sized, Bremen-based family-owned company characterized by clear structures, short decision-making channels and solid financial management, as well as continuity and reliability in the leadership. A company whose success derives to a great extent from the know-how, competence and commitment of its employees. For SAACKE, supporting these employees and offering them a trendsetting working environment in which they can make optimum use of their skills is a logical precondition for the future success of the company.

Through the head office in Bremen where the focus of the research and development activities is also located, we ensure that SAACKE customers worldwide receive engineering know-how "Made by SAACKE".

With international production locations and a worldwide service and sales network, SAACKE is represented on every continent. More than 1000 employees are available to provide our customers with advice and support.

A precondition for the success of the international activities is the experience of respecting different cultures. The goal is always to find innovative solutions for the customer, while maintaining the high standards for plant availability, competent support and high quality of products and services.

We are at your disposal – around the clock and around the world. We strive for a real partnership with our customers and a long-term customer relationship. Our work for you: Innovative, solution-oriented, precise, cooperative and reliable.

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