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Barksdale in Viet Nam

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Barksdale solution Automation: Pressure, Electronic Switches, Mechanical Pressure Switches, Diaphragm Switches, Differential Switches, Dia-Seal Piston, Compact Switches
Sealed Piston, Bourdon, Pressure Transducer, Valves and Regulators, Valves, Regulators, Pressure Relief Valve, Temperature, Electronic Switches
Mechanical Switches, Level, Level Switch, LevelSite, Flow, Air Suspension Valve, Product, Selectors, Dynalco, Engine Controls & Emissions Controls, Instruments/­Gauges/­Meters, Magnetic Pickups/­Speed Sensors, Power Generation, Speed Switches & Speed Transmitters Model:

BPS3000 Series 9671X Series MT1H, T2H CDPD1H, CDPD2H, VCDPD1H, VCDPD2H Series
UDS1V2 Series B1X E1S, E1H Series Series 9671X, 9681X, 9692X
SW2000 CD1H Series 8000 Series B1S, B2S, B1T, B2T
UDS7-BX CD2H Series MSPS/MSPH Series Series 140, 200, 920, 5620
UDS3 Series 7000 UNS1000-BN18-TC UNS-PA or PP (Formerly Series BLS-7)
UAS3 D1T, D2T Series D1T, D2T Series UNS-MS or VA 1/8 NPT-BN25 (formerly BLS 1700)
Series CSP Series 9000 D1X, D2X Series UNS-VA 1/8 NPT-VA27 (formerly BLS 1750)
Series CSM P1H Series CD1H, CD2H Series UNS-MS 1/8NPT-BN30 (Formerly Series BLS 1800)
Series 96201 Series CSK Series 20415 UNS-VA 1/4 NPT-K1-VA52 (Formerly BLS 1950 Series)
Series B1S, D1X, D2X Series Series 20495 UNS-MS (Formerly Series BLS-810)
Series 9617 P1X Series Model 20597 UNS-VA/SB5 or B4 (formerly Series Bilge)
Series 9048 CDPD1H Series 8000 UNS-MS 1/4 NPT-BN30 (Formerly Series BLS 1900)
C9612 CDPD2H Series CSK UNS-1000 Series (Formerly Series BLS 700)
C9622 Series VCDPD1H Series 9000 UNS-2000 Series (Formerly Series BLS 800)
Series 9675 VCDPD2H Series Series 7000 Model LMSSM, LMTBM, LMTSM, LMSBM
Model 371MT7 Series 9617 Series 9675, A9675 Model LSSM, LTBM, LTSM, LSBM
Series 3760 Series B1X, B2X Series III-L Valves D1S, D2S, D1H, D2H Series
ML1H, L2H Series 9000, 9020 518, 526 Series D1S, D2S, D1H, D2H Series
Series TPR Series TXR, TXL Series T1X, T2X, L1X EPD1S, EPD1H Series
Series ML1S Series S20517 Series THR, THL DPD1T, DPD2T Series
Series 8010 Series L20517 UNS1000-BN18 EPD1S, EPD1H Series
BTS3000 Series L20415 SST7000 Series T9692X
TS2000 Model 20313 TS2000 BTS3000

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