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ABB temperature transmitters Viet Nam

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Device Management, Fieldbus and Wireless
Optimum utilization of device intelligence to cut costs and minimize maintenance
Force Measurement
Outstanding solutions for quality control and productivity improvement in the metal and paper industry
Natural Gas Measurement
Market-leading measurement and control solutions for pipelines in the oil and gas industry
Process analysis
Complex gas analysis to improve product quality and to reduce emissions
Temperature Measurement Products
Wide range of temperature sensors and temperature transmitters for easy and enhanced requirements
Analytical Instruments
Fluid Analysis for low process costs and low chemical consumption
Flow Measurement Products
Wide range of flowmeters, which are all application-specific requirements
Level control
Level control of K- TEK, a company of the ABB Group
Pressure Measurement Products
World-leading pressure sensors and pressure transmitters for easy and enhanced requirements
Recorders and Controllers
Precise regulator and modern displays and recorders with high image quality

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