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Gefran Viet Nam-Distrubitor

Gefran (Đức) chuyên gia về giải pháp tự động hóa công nghiệp

_ Chuyên gia về cảm biến các loại: Cảm biến nhiệt độ (Cặp nhiệt điện), đầu dò vị trí (magnetostrictives, chiết áp), tan Cảm biến áp suất, hệ thống kiểm soát áp suất, cảm biến áp suất, các tế bào tải và đầu dò lực lượng , cảm biến Gefran (nhiệt kế Resistance) ..

_ Chuyên gia về giải pháp điều khiển: Biến tần Gefran cho các ứng dụng công nghiệp, Biến tần cho trong thang máy, bộ chuyển đổi nguồn DC, bộ thu hồi cung cấp điện AC/DC, Servodrives & động cơ không chổi than.

_ Chuyên gia về thiết bị tự động: Giải pháp về tự động hóa: Màn hình điều khiển tự động hóa, đo lường và điều khiển, bộ điều khiển Gefran, rơ le trạng thái...

SICK encoder, safety switches, flow sensor

Industrial sensors

SICK continues to develop the most innovative industrial sensor technology available. Continual product improvements are designed to meet the changing needs of customers - reducing costs, improving quality and increasing throughput. The application possibilities are endless for both large- and small-scale projects in nearly every industry

Distance sensors

From micron to mile, SICK covers the distance, offering the most distance measurement sensors in the industry. Our sensors measure distances in difficult conditions with high precision. From measuring with light, sound waves or encoders - SICK will help you choose the technology that best fits your application.

SICK Safety 

SICK leads the world in safety solutions and services for machines and work areas. We continually develop innovative light curtains, area scanners, safety camera systems, perimeter guards, safe control solutions, and safety switches.The result is innovative, powerful products and systems that provide a high level of safety and increased efficiency

TURCK Sensor, Interfaces, safety, lighting

TURCK-BANNER LTD. has the ideal product for your application. Regardless of what you want to detect or inspect, we provide unique and comprehensive solutions—quickly and reliably.   TURCK-BANNER LTD. offers the most powerful combination of sensors, controls and network devices available. Our product line covers photoelectric, ultrasonic, and vision sensors, automation controls, machine safety products, fieldbus systems and more. For further information, please contac

IFM Position sensors, Sensors fot motion control, vision sensors

Inductive proximity sensors detect metallic targets in position sensing applications and incorporate extended range technology designed to reduce failure from mechanical damage.Incremental encoders are used wherever linear or rotational movements need to be evaluated.efector pmd 3d is the first industrial 3D sensor that can assess objects in three dimensions at a glance. Each pixel of this chip matrix evaluates its distance to the object. The image of the object on the chip matrix and the respective distance values correspond to a 3D image. The integrated evaluation enables the detailed assessment of the object's or scene's conditions by means of volume, distance or level detection in three dimensions.

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