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Watlow offers the most complete product line in the industry. With more than a quarter of a million designs on file, Watlow has the heater, sensor, or controller to meet your needs. read less

While some companies manufacture just heaters or just controllers, Watlow provides single source performance accountability by creating all thermal system components. From electric heaters of all types and sizes, power controllers that maximize heater performance, temperature controllers for more precise heat regulation, to sensors that provide the controllers with accurate temperature signals, you can count on Watlow to design thermal systems in which the components work together better.

Watlow's controllers are built with Control Confidence® to withstand hostile environments such as heat, electrical noise, static discharge, humidity, and vibration.

1. Thermocouples / RTDs
Common, simple, reliable temperature sensors that rely on either a millivolt signal from two dissimilar metals (thermocouples) or the resistance of a highly pure conductor (RTDs), both of which correlate highly to temperature.
2. Temperature Controllers
Monitors industrial processes and takes corrective action when temperatures deviate from the setpoint, greatly assisting in reducing variability, increasing efficiency, and ensuring safety
3. Tubular and Process Heaters
General purpose devices used to generate heat as part of a manufacturing or industrial process. They can be installed inside of ducts to heat air or gases or put inside a tank to heat liquids or solids.
4. Process Controllers
Instruments that monitor process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, or level; compares them to a setpoint; and triggers corrective action when those variables fall outside the desired range

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