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Micro-Epsilon is a medium-sized family-run company, leader in the field of industrial measurement technology. For more than 45 years, we have been developing innovations and offering our customers unsurpassed solutions when it comes to precise measurement and testing. Our portfolio extends from sensors for distance and distance measurement, through infrared temperature measurement and color detection to systems for dimensional measurement and defect detection.

Micro-Epsilon is one of the technology leaders in precision measurement technology. With above-average development expenditures, a high level of know-how and a wide network of cooperations, we create sensors with the highest precision. We develop sensor products that provide significant added value for our customers through the further development of measurement methods and technical innovations. Thanks to our many years of application experience in various industries, you get a unique spectrum for the solution of your measurement task, tailor-made to your specific requirements. For this reason, technology companies worldwide choose us as partners for their measurement tasks.

Eddy, current sensors Capacitive sensors, Laser sensors (triangulation), Confocal sensors (white light), Laser distance sensors (running time), Inductive sensors (LVDT), Magneto-inductive sensors, Cable pull sensors, Thermal Imagers (TIM), Universal Pyrometer (CT), Pyrometer with Laser Vision (CTLaser), Pyrometer with Videomierier, Pyrometer with integrated Controller (CS), Hand Pyrometer, Accurate inline color measurement, system Compact, color, sensor, Universal color
sensors Color, sensors for special measurement projects, LED Analyzers, Rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes, Video endoscopes, accessories, scanCONTROL, gapCONTROL, Software, Accessories, Applicationsm, Model Selection, Measuring
optical fiber, sensors, Optical precision micro-meters, ReflectCONTROL Compact, reflectCONTROL Automation.

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