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Rossi gear motor

Origin Italy
Supplier HTP Tech Co.,Ltd
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Rossi( Italy) gearbox specialist: gear reducers, electric motor, Planetary gear reducers, motion control.. Rossi is market leader in the heavy industry, such as mining, metal, plastic and rubber, etc…Distributors HTP Tech

6 sizes (118...742) Power P10,18...90 kW 18 Sizes (100 ... 451) 4 HyCLEAN solutions: HC1, HC2, HC3, HC4
Power P1 0,09...5,5 kW Nominal torque TN2 1600...710,000 Nm Power PN2 ≤ 1,710 kW for HyCLEAN Shield
Nominal torque TN2 ≤ 670 N m Transmission ratio i N3,55...3550 (in line) Nominal torque TN2 ≤ 132,200 N m HyCLEAN Guard
Transmission ratio iN 6...75 Transmission ratio i N9...2440 (bevel helical) Transmission ratio iN 6,3 ... 28  
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