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Salvatore Robuschi’s activity started back in 1935 and since then the Company generational handover has focused on making high quality products. In the last fifteen years the Company has specialized in producing pumps with innovative features in terms of construction technology, application fields and components modularity.
Through the precision casting used to build many parts (for ex. the impellers) and the special design, Salvatore Robuschi pumps guarantee great efficiency and low NPSH values.
The most important aspects of the Company are a quick technical-commercial service, fast deliveries and flexibility to face with immediate requests. Salvatore Robuschi produces centrifugal pumps with closed or open impeller, according to DIN 24256-ISO 2858 rule, vortex impeller with full passage, channel impeller and multistage pumps. 
All of the produced pumps are built in stainless steel and in special alloys except for the multistage pumps that are made in cast iron. The production range includes also a lighter and cheaper series in AISI 316, with flow up to 90 m3/h.
Salvatore Robuschi, focusing on the after–sales service, is able to send spare parts in just 48 hours.
Salvatore Robuschi is concerned with the environment and this has led to a eco-friendly politics investing in the photovoltaic power system . In view of environmental safety, Salvatore Robuschi took some actions through a management system to improve its environmental performance, carrying out the following principles:
Comply with laws and regulations related to the environment, monitoring its evolution in time and when economically sustainable try to achieve results higher than requested;
Promote among the Staff an adequate knowledge of the environment, so that understand their commitments and consider it during their work activity;
Inform the audience about the environmental policy adopted by the Company, making it available;
Monitoring carefully the use of natural resources to avoid the wastage;
Improve the materials recycling and the proper waste disposal;
Propagate across Suppliers and Customers the environmental protection as act of civilization towards us and nature which enables us to live and encourage to use an environmental management system

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