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Pupm and motors Casappa Viet Nam

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Gear pumps and motors built in three pieces with an extruded body in high resistance aluminium alloy.

The wide choice of shafts, flanges and ports, in compliance with all international standards (SAE, DIN and EUROPEAN) allow for their use in an infinite variety of applications.

Displacements from 0.07 in³/rev (1,07 cm³/rev) to 5.56 in³/rev (91,10 cm³/rev) available in groups 10, 20 and 30. 
Max. peak pressure up to 4350 psi (300 bar).         
Max. speed up to 4000 min-1

High efficiencies
Integrated outboard bearings for heavy duty applications
Multiple units available in standard version, common inlet and separated stages
Electro-hydraulic fan drive system
Custom design

Gear pumps made of cast iron in two pieces.

Ideal for truck application.

Displacements from 0.50 in³/rev (8,26 cm³/rev) to 9.20 in³/rev (150,79 cm³/rev) available in groups 20, 30, 35 and 40. 
Max. peak pressure up to 4713 psi (325 bar). 
Max. speed up to 3000 min-1

High performance also at very low speeds
Different ports position availability
Low noise emission
Shaft seal system no leakage guarantee
Modular design
Direct mounting on the PTOs

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