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For over 20 years, our products have satisfied a wide range of customer requirements. These qualities provide extra security in the decision making process.
KRAL flowmeters measures the flow of liquids. KRAL is the first choice when it comes to measuring anything from low-viscosity liquids like petrol, acids and alkalis to high-viscosity liquids such as printing inks and bitumen.

Pumping liquids is a demanding task.
When selecting and dimensioning a three screw pump, the pumped liquid, the operating conditions, the installation site as well as the standards, guidelines and directives have to be taken into consideration. A wealth of knowledge is required in order to avoid errors.
KRAL three screw pumps have existed since 1950. The acquired experience is passed on from generation to generation and extended continuously. Thus ensuring employees with excellent knowledge and further training. Our customers profit from our advisory skills

HTP Tech Distributor in Việt Nam, model:

KRAL Three Screw Pumps K Series Flowmeters Overview
KRAL Three Screw Pumps L Series. Fuel Consumption Measurement
KRAL Three Screw Pumps Series M. Flowmeters Series OMP up to 390 °F.
KRAL Three Screw Pumps C Series. Flowmeters Series OMP
KRAL Three Screw Pumps Series CK. Flowmeters Series OME Compact
KRAL Three Screw Pumps Series CL Flowmeters Series OMG
KRAL Three Screw Pumps Series CG. Flowmeters Series OMH
KRAL Three Screw Pumps W Series. Flowmeters Series OMK
KRAL Three Screw Pumps with Magnetic Coupling. Flowmeters Series OMX
Spare Parts, Electronics Flowmeters Series OMA

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