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O-ring, oil-seal, Mechanical Seals Torishima Viet Nam

Origin Japan
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Torishima is a pump manufacturer founded in 1919 in Osaka, Japan. We have been supplying centrifugal pumps to a broad range of applications. Now we are recognized one of the most reliable market leaders in the world with extensive experience and know-how in pumping technology.
With a highly skilled engineering team who understand your process requirements, we can provide products and services suited to your exact requirements. 
The Torishima brand is built on the reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Water is precious, electric power is essential, sewage system is fundamental…
All of those are indispensable part for modern life.
We are committed to the sustainable development of the world by providing highly reliable pumps that play a significant role in seawater desalination plants, power stations, water distribution plants etc.

Model: o-ring, oil-seal, Mechanical Seals Torishima pump, Gland packing, Mechanical seal, Mechanical Seal SIC/SIC/VITON, Shaft seal:

Torishima Type pump: CPA 40-200
Product No.: P922773
Torishima Drawing No: 092015003
Product no: AP-433691
Torishima Model: CE125-26S
P/N: AP065731
Torishima Type: CAR40-160
Product No.: P883239
Torishima Type: CER 125-330
Product No.: IO324485X
Torishima Type: CPC 50-16SY
Product no.: AP441767
Torishima Type: CER 65-200
Product No.: T 9620734X
Torishima Type: CNW55V
Item no.: PPP-PCU-511
Product no.: AP343684
Torishima Pump : MHG4/9
Product No : AP433691
Torishima Type: EC 40-20
Product no.: P545759
Torishima CPEN 125-250
Product No P885941
Torishima CER 80-330
Product No. 885967
Torishima CPEN 125 - 250
Product No. P885975
CAR50-315-PU0060372Torishima Type pump: CPA 40-200
Product No.: P922773

Torishima CER 32 - 200
Product No. P885991
Torishima CER 80-40/2
Product No P887749
Torishima Type: CPEN125-315
Product no.: AP281484
Torishima Type: CPEN 125-315
Product no.: AP281476
Torishima Type: CPEN 100-400
Product no.: AP281492
Torishima Type: CPEN100-315
Product no.: AP280143
Torishima Type: CPEN 100-315
Product no.: AP280151
Torishima Type pump: CE125-50/2
P/N.: P851531
Torishima CDM 300 × 200
Pump Type: MMK 40/4
Product: AP34799

Product no.: AP280143
CDX 120/20


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