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Products built by WITTENSTEIN North America are found in motion systems that require the utmost precision and system performance. WITTENSTEIN sets benchmarks worldwide in the machine building and drive technology sectors. 
From low backlash planetary gearheads to complete mechatronic drive systems, WITTENSTEIN North America has the products and people to provide innovative solutions to help you gain a competitive edge.

Thinking beyond the traditional, WITTENSTEIN is constantly creating new motion solutions and services based on the MINI (Miniaturization, Integration, Intelligence) principle. Moving your world means more than manufacturing a product that fits your needs. It means ease of business with pre- and post-sales support and developing tools and software to assist you in your design process.

An unbeatable combination – WITTENSTEIN drive systems!

A flexible and variable solution made up of a series of innovative elements – modern servo motor and transmission technology, a rack and pinion offering unprecedented precision and a linear system. WITTENSTEIN alpha drive systems deliver multiple benefits by combining several innovations based on a modular design principle.

Low-backlash planetary gearheads, Servo-right-angle gearheads, Linear systems
Actuators, Accessories, Servo Motors, Control Loading Systems, Sizing tools

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