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Since 1965 we have steadfastly cultivated some fixed ideas: innovation, constant improvement, constructive excellence, collaboration with the customer to plan together the best solution. For us,  each engine is a unique piece , even when it comes to series products. Motor, gearbox and electronic part are already integrated in the design phase and the production takes place entirely within us, with materials and components of the highest quality and zero kilometer.

Product excellence is achieved only through process excellence: this has always been our philosophy. Today we can offer tens of thousands of items, including  worm, coaxial and planetary gearmotors, brushless servomotors  with integrated drive, brushless gearmotors ,  drives and  frequency converters . But our flagship product has always been  quality , which we build every day with commitment, passion, competence, attention to detail and listening to our customers.  

We are present in  55 countries  around the world, with  5 branches  and a dense network of distributors: we want to be close to our customers and collect their needs with attention and curiosity. We create  customized solutions  and  standard products  with the same attention and the same characteristics of excellence and quality. But we are not satisfied: we want to be one step ahead, always. Our commitment to yours and our future develops today in three directions: materials and design,  smart manufacturing  and industry 4.0.

We work every day to make our electric motors more compact and resistant, suitable to work even in extreme conditions thanks to the use of stainless steel .
We are engaged in the search for innovative solutions for production processes:  smart manufacturing and lean production  have always been part of our organization and allow us to work smarter, integrating and optimizing resources - human arms together with anthropomorphic robots - and increasing both speed and flexibility of the process, without waste. 
Each of our products can easily integrate into an Industry 4.0 scenario  , because it has a  large connection capacity , with the support of all the most common industrial communication protocols: CanOpen, Modbus, Ethercat, Ethernet / IP, Profinet. 
If you have an idea, a problem to solve, a suggestion, write two lines in the form below: we will read you immediately and will reply as soon as possible.

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