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Liene Linde Incremental encoders VietNam

Origin Sweden
Supplier HTP Tech Co.,Ltd
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Leine & Linde sets high quality requirements and works continuously on improvements in order to meet future demands for encoders. As a customer of ours, you will benefit from a product that is adapted specifically for your application. A robust encoder with a long lifetime and high quality down to the smallest detail. An encoder from Leine & Linde means that you can avoid unnecessary production stoppages. Find out about our unique range and improve your profitability!

Leine Linde (Sweden): Absolute encoders with optical and magnetic scanning, Incremental encoders for precise speed...... Distributors HTP Tech:

RHI503 XHI801 86120 XHI841  XSD855 ESA1608
RHA607 XHI801 86 315 XHI861  XSD855 ESA1608
RHA608  CHI703 XHI862  ESI 1 Series RHI504
RSA670 RSA671  XSD855 SI593 Series RSA507

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