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Koso Viet Nam-Sensor-control valves-actuators

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Control valves for various fields with abundant variations of minimum flow applications through dynamic processes.

Introducing KOSO actuators providing wide-range output for powerful and positive valve drive, together with rich instrumentation types covering pneumatic, motor-operated, electronic control and intelligence computer control.

Introducing products of SOR of abundant variation as pressure switches and transmitters, and also introducing products of Tokyo Okazaki Sangyo, which is a member of KOSO group, as differential pressure type flow rate detection elements and industrial thermometers including venturi tubes.

Group of original electropneumatic and pneumo-pneumatic positioners of achievements and experiences and intelligent type electropneumatic positioner EP1000 series that conforms to field equipment communication standard HART at the same time. Reducer valves and lock valves in addition. KOSO original products promise best practices.

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