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In medical care, doctors are usually categorized as “generalists” or “specialists”. The generalists will refer you to a specialist when you have a specific need they cannot solve with their standard tools of their trade.

Kollmorgen is that specialist in Motion: With our deep practical knowledge of electromagnetic theory and control, we are uniquely positioned to help you solve your most demanding motor and motion control requirements.

Our customers are leaders and innovators in many industries, such as Aerospace & Defense; Printing; Packaging & Converting; Food & Beverage Processing; Medical Imaging, In Vitro Diagnostics & Laboratory Automation; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing; Material Forming and Cutting; Oil & Gas; and Robotics. 
Kollmorgen is also a leader in Warehouse Automation, including complete AGV systems, software, awareness and autonomy. 

Safety Technology in Automation
b maXX 2400 - mini servo controller with 2 kW
Control concept b maXX controllerPLC
b maXX 1000 - Frequency
Control concept b maXX drivePLC The controller b maXX drivePLC
b maXX safePLC Function and option modules for b maXX 4400
b maXX PCC ProDrive: Operation and parameterisation
of the servo controller family b maXX
fieldbus systems Drive Configurator - sizemaXX
b maXX HMI Energy efficient drive systems
I / O - Modules
DSD - The Dynamic

b maXX 5000 - Anreihbarer, flexible and energy-efficient inverter

DSD-IPG three-phase synchronous gearmotors
b maXX 5500 Mono Units DSDI mini servomotors
b maXX 4600 / b maXX 4700 -
peak and rated load devices
DS / DA - Engines - The Allrounder
b maXX 4000 - modular servo
controller up to 315 kW

DST - high-torque drives
b maXX 4100 - Rectifier / regenerative unit DSC - servomotors "Compact"
b maXX 3000 - Servocontroller to 5 kW DSA - AC external rotor motors
b maXX 2500 - Intelligent decentralized servo drive
BPx - Baumüller planetary gear set

ETA Drive Gearmotor
Engines configurators
Disc Motors Antriebskonfigurator - sizemaXX
Three-phase linear actuators
Engineering Framework ProMaster

GN DC motors

Direct drive technology Energy efficient drive systems

Drive Configurator - sizemaXX

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