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Konan Electric Co., Ltd. is one of Japanese leading manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic and hydraulic fluid control components for factory automation and energy-saving applications.
Konan's highly reliable products, including solenoid valves, air cylinders, and various actuators, have been developed with qualified technologies to meet the needs in the energy, fine chemicals, and many other industrial fields.
Our products and services are highly evaluated not only in Japan but over 50 countries around the world.
Solenoid Valve for Various Fluid, Pneumatic Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Cylinders
Pneumatic Rotary Actuators, Line Components, Sanitary Valves, Pneumatic-Control Equipment for Press Machins, Packing Machines

Solenoid Valve for Various Fluid Pneumatic
Solenoid Valves
Equipment for Press Machins
454S091C MVW71R 454I404C MVW6N MVW6D Series
454D04MC 454S202C 454J404C MVW7F-S MVW7N-D MC5B
454H04MC 454D102C 454S404C RDU1F RDU5F Series
454I04MC MVW1RF-02 454D403C PG2-19 Series 
454J04MC MVW7F-08-S 454H403C  Lubricators
MVS311K-02 454S203C 454I403C OL2-03, OL2-04, OL2-08, OL2-14
MVS302K-02 454D202C 454J403C OL2-20, OL2S-03 OL2S-04
MVS303K-02 454H202C 454D404C OL2S-08, OL2S-14, OL2S-20 
MVW7 454I202C 454H404C ADF2-03, ADF2-04, ADF2-08
454S04MC 454J202C 454S403C ADF2S-03, ADF2S-04, ADF2S-08
454D04FC 454D091C 454D203C ARU3A-03, ARU3A-04, 
454H04FC 454H091C 454H203C ARU3AS-03, ARU3AS-04
454I04FC 454I091C 454I203C RV2-03 RV2-04 RV2-08, RV2P-03 RV2P-04 -
454J04FC 454J091C 454J203C RVC2-03 RVC2-04 RVC2-08,
RV2S-03 RV2S-04 RV2S-08
MVD301K-02 MVD311K-02   RV6-G series, 380-3075
454D202C MVD302K-02 MVD312K-02
B3-04 VB3-08 VB3-20
VB3S-04 VB3S-08 
MVW1F-02 MVD303K-02 MVD313K-02  SC6S-02 SC6S-04 SC6S-06 SC6S-08
MVW71 MVW7FR-04-S MVW7FR-08-S BC2, CP3D, CP665, CP691H, CP691
CP611AR, CP611M, CP611MR
MVW1R MVS312K-02 MVW7R CP68, CP68H, MP68, SP68, SS-3B,
454S102C MVS313K-02 MVW7FR-08-S CP611H, CP611, CP611S2, CP611S2H
454D101C 454S203C 454D203C CP611LU, CP61SU, CP611DR, CP611AD


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