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UNIMEC bevel gearboxes have been designed and manufactured since 37 years using an in-the van technology and mechanical solutions according to the state of the art to be able to meet the growing requirements of a demanding and sophisticated market. Nine sizes, tenths of mounting schemes, a range of serial ratios up to 1/12 and the possibility of a customized design having no equal, make of UNIMEC a reliable partner in the field of the motion transmission. The practical cubic shape of bevel gearboxes allows universal mounting possibilities on every kind of machines.

Bevel gearboxes are also very versatile with regard to the shafts choice and the possibility of a direct mounting on any kind of motors, from the normal IEC to brushless motors, to pneumatic motors and so on. High running efficiency, low noise are the logical consequences of the application of Gleason® type spiral teeth conical gears; the use of this kind of geometry and suitable thermal treatments place UNIMEC’s bevel gearboxes on top of this mechanical sector.

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