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Fuji Inverter VietNam

Origin Japan
Supplier HTP Tech Co.,Ltd
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Beginning in 1934 as Japan's pioneering photographic film maker, Fujifilm has leveraged its imaging and information technology to become a global presence known for innovation in healthcare, graphic arts, optical devices, highly functional materials and other high-tech areas. Distributor HTP Tech:

FRN0001C2S-2 FRN0.4C1E-4E FRN2.2C1S-2J21 type RHC30-2C FRN315SVG1S-4
FRN0002C2S-2 FRN0.75C1E-4E FRN3.7C1S-2J21 type RHC18-4C RHC11-2C
FRN0047C2S-2 FRN0.4C1S-4E FRN0.75VG1S-2 type RHC18-4C RHC37-2C
FRN0060C2S-2 FRN0.75C1S-4E FRN3.7VG1S-2 ype RHC160S-4D  RHC45-2C
FRN0018C2S-4 FRN2.2C1S-4E FRN3.7VG1S-2 RHC280S-4D RHC18-4C
FRN0024C2S-4 FRN4.0C1S-4E FRN37VG1S-2 RHC280S-4D RHC7.5-4C
FRN0030C2S-4 FRN0.1C1E-7E FRN45VG1S-2 FRN15F1S-4E FRN45F1S-4E
FRN0002C2E-7 FRN0.2C1E-7E FRN55VG1S-2 FRN22F1S-4E FRN37F1S-4E
FRN0004C2E-7 FRN0.75C1S-2J FRN7.5VG1S-4 FRN37F1S-4E FRN90F1S-4E
FRN0006C2E-7 FRN1.5C1S-2J FRN55VG1S-4  FRN45F1S-4E  FRN110F1S-4E
 FRN0010C2E-7 FRN2.2C1S-2J FRN630SVG1S-4 FRN55F1S-4E FRN132F1S-4E

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