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When George Ross founded our company in 1879, he made Water Control Valves that were designed to last. He also created a company built on enduring values: integrity of design and engineering, quality of materials, craftsmanship in flow control valve manufacturing, a high level of customer service, and flexible business systems that have evolved with changes in technology and industries we serve.
Still located in Troy, NY, Ross Valve has grown to become an internationally renowned manufacturer, and expanded to a second facility in 2004 to better serve our customers. As a 6th generation family-owned and operated business, there is an intense commitment to assure that all of our equipment is top quality and meets the high expectations of our customers.

Flow Control Valve, Pressure Control Valves, Cone Valves,  Water Control Valves

Electric Valves   42-WR On / Off Valve HDPE Flap & Slide Gates  70-HFV Flap Valve 
Rotary Cone Valve - RCV 70-SWR-BP Back Pressure Sustaining
Fixed Cone Valve  - FCV 98-EP Direct Reducing Valve
​42-AFCV Throttling Valve  70-SWR-S Pump Control
Multi Orifice Valve - MOV Direct Acting Valve 21T - 30T
Fixed Orifice Device - FED 50-RWR Back Pressure Sustaining Valve
42-WRS Pump Control Valve 70-HSG Slide Gate
AWWA Metal Seated Ball Valves 50-RWR Relief Valve, Sizes 6 INCH to 60" INCH
45-WR Deep Well Pump Valve 30-AWR Single Acting Altitude Valve 
Waste Water Valves 70-SWR Relief 50-RWR-A Surge Anticipating
40-WR Pressure Reducing Valve 40-DAWR Double Acting Altitude
23-RWR Back Pressure Sustaining 50-FWR Electric Altitude Valve
23-RWR Relief Valve  40AWR Ground Storage Valve
20WR Relief Valve Pilot Valve Repair Level Control

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