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Fimet Motor gear boxes-VietNam

Origin Italy GEAR-BOXES
Supplier HTP Tech Co.,Ltd
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Fimet solution: Water-cooled engines, generators, medium voltage motors, three-phase induction electric motors IE2-IE3 up to 1,000 kW, reducers, inverters and works Carpentry and Industrial Automation.


Cooled Motors WATER, WM Reducers parallel shaft in cast iron, PE series, PEK
Medium Voltage Motors, series HVM - HVC Reducers parallel shaft in cast iron or steel, series RXP
Coaxial gearboxes in aluminum and cast iron,
series RK-A_RK-C
Orthogonal reducers Aces Aluminium and Cast Iron,
 Series A-C-A_A
Coaxial reducers Cast Iron, RE series, RKE Orthogonal reducers Aces Cast Iron or Steel
series RXO and RXV
Parallel shaft gearboxes in aluminum and cast iron,
series C-PEK-A_PEK
Reducers Worm Aluminium and Cast Iron / Squares,
series SF_SFQ
Motors Cast Iron 225-400 - IE2 - IE3, EM series Reducers ATEX Dust and Gas series ARA, ARG, ARKE
Engines Aluminium 71-200 - IE2 - IE3, EMA series Engine casing Steel up to 1,000 kW, MCV series, ACV
BRAKE engines, series M2AO MAO / M3AY-M2Y Inverter serie ESM
DC motors, DC series Inverter Vettoriale, serie ADV 200
Engines DRIVE_AX Inverter Integrato, serie MOTEC
Motors HIGH FLOW, MPR Inverter Statico Digitale, serie DX
ATEX Dust and Gas Engines  

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