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Euchner safety relays, safety switches

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Euchner-USA Products

Euchner Safety Products consist of safety interlock switches, safety relays, enabling switches, evaluation modules, MGB products, non-contact magnetic coding, RFID coding technologies and rope pull switches.

Euchner Automation Products Euchner provides precision single and multiple limit switches, single hole fixing limit switches, position switches and RFID identification systems.

Euchner Man-Machine Products interface operators and machinery. Euchner offers joysticks, hand-held pendants, electronic handwheels and EKS technology (electronic access management) for PCs and PLCs.

Euchner-USA has two additional product lines: 
ASO Safety Solutions includes Contact Edges, Bumpers and Safety Mats. 
REER includes Safety and Automation Light Curtains, and Safety Controllers

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