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SELETEX is a photoelectric yarn clearer which can detect various yarn faults.
Adopting Photoelectric-detector allows the stable functions without influence of yarn material or moisture.
We provide various types from the basic type to the high performance type.
SELETEX can detect yarn faults for Short-thick, Long-thick and Thin place in the winding/re-winding process. For spun yarn, the yarn thickness is not same with the influence of yarn material, moisture, temperature, and Machine condition.  SELETEX is a photoelectric yarn clearer which can monitor the yarn thickness with single light source/two light sources. If the thickness is out of the standard yarn setting, it detects the faults. New type detector head can detect the contamination of foreign fibers too.

SELENAL is the device to monitor the wound yarn detecting yarn breaks and yarn faults
in the yarn assembling process, which is systematized by our Detector / Sensor and Cutter.
There are various types of SELENAL.
SELENAL is the electronics device to detect yarn defects such as yarn break, attached yarn or Slub in the assembling process. We can supply the various types from "yarn break detector" for general use to the enhanced type with both functions of yarn clearing and length measuring. SELENAL is mainly used for yarns supplied to high class fabrics. Demand for SELENAL is increasing for glass fibers and industrial materials yarns  in recent years.

SELEMEASURE electronically measures the wound yarn length to make each package the equal yarn length precisely.
Adopting SELEMEASURE, control of yarn packages can be changed ‘weight control’ to ‘length control’.
Previously, the control of yarn package was made by weight/shape control but precise results was not obtained. Many packages of warps are necessary in the weaving machine. It is necessary to control the package length of warps to save the time loss and material loss. SELEMEASURE is the necessity in the winding, assembling, and re-winding.
We have various types of SELEMEASURE according to the winder type.

YARN SENSOR surely detects the yarn breaks using photoelectric detecting method or static electricity detecting method, and there are compact size, light-weight and easy fitting.
YARN SENSOR is used by standalone or the components of SELEMEASURE / SELENAL.

YARN CUTTER cuts the yarn quickly and surely receiving electric signal. 
Yarn cutters are compact size, light-weight and easy fitting.
There are two types of cutters, manual reset type and auto reset type.
YARN CUTTER is used by standalone or the components of SELETEX, SELEMEASURE, and SELENAL.

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