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Conch Relay, counter -VietNam

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Human-Machine Interface Controller, SCR Power Regulator, SSR (Solid State Relay), PID Temperature Controller, PM Temperature Controller (aluminum-rail type)
Microprocess Control Panel Meter, Tachometer/Line Speed Meter, Counter, Timer, Sensor, Length Sensor

Our company is based on the highest quality, the leading technology, and the excellent service to offer the various automation components to our customers, and become their best supplier in the future as well.

Our teams keep to research and develop the advanced technique to reach the most reliable quality. Kindly believe that we will become the No.1 manufacturer of automation components in Taiwan.

7 Digit Timer (Hi-V Input) CA-40UD-N(P) 4 digit up/down totalizer CA-43PC-N(P) 4 digit
7 Digit Timer (NPN Input) CA-50UD-N(P) 5 digit up/down totalizer CA-63PC-N(P) 6 digit
7 Digit Timer (PNP Input) CA-41PUD-N(P) 4 digit up/down 1 preset CA-43KC-N(P) 4 digit
Counter/Timer CA-51PUD-N(P) 5 digit up/down 1 preset CA-63KC-N(P) 6 digit
4 Digit 1 Preset Timer CA-61PUD-N(P) 6 digit up/down 1 Preset CA-41K-N(P) 4 digit 1 preset
4 Digit Timer CA-42PA-N(P) 4 digit 2 preset counter CA-61K-N(P) 6 digit 1 preset
CA-40-N(P) 4 digit totalizer CA-62K-N(P) 6 digit 2 preset (independant setting type) CA-52PA-N(P) 5 digit 2 preset counter
CA-50-N(P) 5 digit totalizer CA-62KB-N(P) 6 digit 2 preset (pre-warn setting type) CA-62PA-N(P) 6 digit 2 preset counter
CA-60-N(P) 6 digit totalizer CA-42PB-N(P) 4 digit 2 preset counter (with Pre-Warn) CA-63K-N(P) 6 digit 3 preset
CA-21P-N(P) 2 digit 1 preset  CA-641P-N(P) 6 digit total 4 digit PV 1 preset SS-240VA
CA-41P-N(P) 4 digit 1 preset  CA-642P-N(P) 6 digit total 4 digit PV 2 preset SS-240CA (40A)
CA-51P-N(P) 5 digit 1 preset  CA-642PB-N(P) 6 digit total 4 digit PV 2 preset (with pre-warn) SS-440CA (40A)

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