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Shanghai Yuanda Valve Co., Ltd. Located in NO.3885, Waiqingsong Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai and covers an area of 5000 square meter. It adjions to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and high-speed beltway, with a very convenient transportation. It is engaged in researching and developing, manufacturing and selling middle pressure and low pressure valves. We are doing our best to provide the best price and best quality and service for every friend.

Gate valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Butterfly valve, Ball valve, Strainer, Regulating valve
Pressure reducing valve, Plunger valve, Plug valve, Balanced valve, Others

Z945T/W-6/6Q/10/10Q Motorized non -rising stem cuniform gate valve, Z41H-16C Casting steel gate valve
Z946T-2.5 Non-rising stem  cuniform double disc gate valve, J41F46-10C/16C Liner fluorine globe valve
SZ45T/W-10/10Q Non-rising stem cuniform underground gate valve, D71X-10 Hand-operated wafer type butterfly valve
Z44T/W-10/10Q/16Q Parallel  double disc gate valve, H42W vertical check valve, H11T/W/H/F/X-16 Lifting check valve
Z42W-1 Cuniform double disc gate valve, J11T/W/H/F/X-16 Globe valve, SQT47 Pneumatic actuated V-shaped notch ball 
Z942W-1 Z542W-1 Cuniform double disc gate valve, J41Y/H-16C/25/40 Globe valve, LT942X Piston-type flow control valve
Z941T/W/H-10/10Q Motorized cuniform gate valve, H12X-2.5 Lifting bottom valve, H71X Wafer type Silencing Check Valve
PZ973X/F Electric actuated knife-shaped gate valve, H42X-2.5 Lifting bottom valve
PZ573X/F Bevel geared knife-shaped gate valve, X43W/T-10 Plug valve, VB-7000 Electric actuated regulating valve
PZ43H Knife-shaped gate valve, J41T/W/H/F/X-16/16Q Globe valve, D371X-10/16对Wafer type center line butterfly valve
PZ673X/F Pneumatic actuated knife-shaped gate valve, Q611F-16 Q11F-16 manual, pneumatic silk mouth valve
PZ73X/F Hand-operated knife-shaped gate valve, JY41WOxygen pipe globe valve
DJ41Y-16/25/40 Low-temperature globe valve (throttle valve), ZCY Self-operated differential pressure control valve
H41/44W Stainless steel lifting check valve series, H41/44W Swing check valve
HQ44X Micro resistance ball type check valve, H14T-16 Swing start check valve
D671X-10 pneumatic actuated wafer type butterfly valve, DP41X/F-10/16 Balanced valve, JP11F-16 Balanced valve
QJ41MF-16 High temperature ball valve, H42H-16 Vertical check valve, Q11F-16 Ball valve, Q41F-16/16Q Ball valve
D373H Wafer type multi-level metal to metal sealed butterfly valve, H41T/W/H/F/X-16/16Q Lifting check valve
D343H Three eccentric multi-level butterfly valve (flange connection), U11S-16 Plunger valve, U41S-16/16Q Plunger valve
D341X-16Double eccentric soft sealing, H42F/X-16 Silencing check valve, Q641F Pneumatic actuated two-piece ball valve
SPF45-10/16 Number lock balance valve, ZL47F self-operated balance valve, D71X-10/16Wafer type center line butterfly 
JP41F-16/16Q JP11F-16 Balanced valve, GPG Automatic backwash sewage filter, 
YSTF Y-shaped telescopic strainer, PFLI-F straight-through basket-type strainer
Q347F H-16C/25/40/64 Casting steel-static ball valve, HC41X-16/16Q Hammer diminish noises check valve
U41H Cast steel plunger valve, X13W/T-10 Plug valve, H42S-16 Vertical horizontal dual check valve
YZ11X Directly Acting Pressure Reducing Valve, ZMABP Pneumatic actuated diaphragm adjusting valve

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