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Boneng Motor VietNam

Origin England
Supplier HTP Tech Co.,Ltd
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Boneng (England) Gearbox,  Planetary Gearbox, gear motor, motor, Steering&jack&cuopling
Specially designed for heavy industry.
High strength cast iron housing with frame structure force design, line layout transmission shaft, high reliability and load capacity, low space and noise, long life cycle. High cost performance and low maintenance.
Distributors HTP Tech:
H&B Heavy Duty Gearbox(NEW)Size 4~12 BE Bucket Elevator Gearbox(NEW)Size 4~12
HB Industrial Gearbox Size 13~26 BE Bucket Elevator Gearbox Size 13~18
HK Centre Distance Extended Gearbox C Helical Gearmotor(NEW)Size 00~08
Planetary Gearbox CR Helical Gearmotor 37~167
P Planetary Gearbox C Helical Gearmotor(NEW)Size 00~08
PW Planetary Wich Gearbox FC Wire Rope Hoist Lifting Gearmotor

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