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Benteno oil burners

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Bentone is world known for robust design and market oriented burners. We have been around for over 50 years and are supplying the world throughout a network with highly experienced distributors. Spare parts and burners are available in over 55 markets. Bentone burners are used in many different applications worldwide and we would love to supply you with a state of the art burner.

Bentone offer a complete range of 1 stage oil burners for mainly domestic but also industrial applications.
Our 2 stage oil burners operates in the power range of 24–1,174 kW (2–99 kg/h).
All our 3 stage oil burners can be equipped with hydraulic adjustment of the nozzle assembly.
Our standard 1 stage gas burners are always equipped with 1 safety valve.
Our 2 stage gas burners operate in the power range of 25–1125 kW.
The whole range of our modulating gas burners can also operate as 2 stage sliding.

Bentone BF1 Bentone BF1-2 Bentone B70 Bentone B55-2 RME Bentone BFG1-2 HC Bentone BG450M
Bentone BF1 HC Bentone B30-2 Bentone B80 Bentone B65-2 RME Bentone BG300-2 Bentone BG550M
Bentone B1 Classic Bentone B40-2 Bentone B40 MF Bentone B40 MF Bentone BG400-2 Bentone BG650M
Bentone B2 Classic Bentone B45 Bentone B45-2 MF Bentone B45-2 MF Bentone BG450-2 Bentone BG700M
Bentone B30 Bentone B55 Bentone BF1 RME Bentone BFG1 Bentone BG550-2 Bentone BG800M
Bentone B40 Bentone B65 Bentone B 30A RME Bentone STG 146 Bentone BG650-2 Bentone BG950M
Bentone ST133 Bentone B55 Bentone B 40A RME Bentone BG300 Bentone BG300M  
Bentone ST146 Bentone B65 Bentone B45A 2.2 RME Bentone BG400 Bentone BG400M  

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